1) Get your free estimate from a professional AC repair service contractor.

It helps if you know what you want to be done and can describe it in words your contractor understands. Don’t be vague such as “I need to have my AC fixed.” Ask beforehand what they will evaluate, what problem could it be, how much it would cost to repair if there is anything you can do yourself such as basic cleaning of coils before they start working on a unit to save money.


2) Shop around for the right company.

Get quotes from more than one contractor before hiring an AC repair service company. Everyone is different! It’s a big job to have your unit repaired, so do yourself a favor and shop around for the one that you feel best about and is legit.


3) Make sure you understand how much the AC repair service will cost and what’s covered in the price.

There should be no surprises when the invoice comes in.


4) Get a second opinion before committing to a company.

Even if all signs point to A-1 service, it’s a good idea to at least ask for a second opinion. This will help you feel comfortable that you made the best possible decision and lowered your risk of regret if there are hidden costs or caveats you aren’t aware of.


5) Find out if there are any rebates or discounts available.

Many suppliers offer local businesses AC repair rebates on the prices. So make sure you know about this hidden (or not-so-hidden) incentive before starting to work with your new contractor!


6) Compare the quality of work and warranty periods.

Each company has its work ethic, dedication to the customer’s satisfaction, and level of quality control. Evaluate their work, how many calls they return, and how long they can give you a warranty on their repairs. A company that values your business will take pride in its effect on a long-term relationship and go the extra mile in offering you special discounts or great service terms.


7) Consider all factors, not just price, when making your decision.

Make the very best decision you can, not just the one that’s tempting because of its appealing price. You have to take into consideration the reputation of the company, its knowledge, warranty, guarantees, and technical support.