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Is Hot air ruining your comfort? Does your A/C fail to operate efficiently? Is it making some strange noise?
Don’t worry. You don’t have to sweat.
All you need to do is tune up for Air conditioning service.

When to schedule an Air conditioning service?

Annually Air conditioning service is mandatory to ensure the efficiency of your HVAC system but some issues cannot be neglected or left for annual tune-ups.
Let us see what are the most common problems that need Air conditioning service.

  • Your system fails to turn on.
  • Your A/C is not cooling efficiently
  • Short cycling of Air conditioning systems
  • Producing strange noises.
  • Puddle of water around your Air conditioning system
  • Leakage or growth of molds and bacteria around your HVAC system.

These are some common problems that need an air conditioning service. If you observe any of them more often then don’t hesitate to call for an Air conditioning service. Repairing A/C at the initial stage can save you a lot of bucks.

Our Air conditioner Repair Process

Your Air conditioner works constantly when outdoor conditions are worst.

This continuous working subjects the components to heat-related stress and wear and ultimately increasing the chances of the breakdown.

When you tune up for repairing your A/C, always look for a professional contractor. Choose quality over quantity.

We are  the leading Air conditioning Repair contractor in the city and are committed to providing fast and quality repairs and service to our customers.

Our technicians are skilled and trained. They will arrive at your place in no time and will work to inspect the problem and find the best solution for it. We provide fair estimates to our customers.

Our Air conditioning Repair technicians follow a particular tried and tested A/C Repair process. It’s a very comprehensive process and have been following this for years.

Check out the steps involved in Our A/C Repair process –

  1. Inspection

Every A/C works differently. Our A/C repairing technician will inspect your A/C thoroughly to look for the sign of major problems.

  1. Identifying the problem-

As soon as they find some signs like- cut/loose wire, strange odor, leaks, unusual sounds, or molds around your Air conditioning system, the technician will now be able to identify the problem.

  1. Determine what’s causing it-

Most of the time the problem is associated with an underlying cause. Just fixing the problem without knowing its cause will make you face the same issue in the future. That’s why we work on the cause rather than just fixing the problem.

  1. Repairing Air conditioner

When you know the cause, the problem is easy to fix. Our technician will work on the cause and get it fixed. Once the issue is resolved, we’ll perform a test to ensure that the system works efficiently.

Cost Of Repairing A/C

The cost of repairing an A/C depends on the problem your A/C is facing. We understand that these days are difficult and value your money.

For us, regular tune-ups, capacitor replacements, and refrigerant recharge are minor jobs and won’t cost you much.

Free A/C repair estimate

Our technician will visit your home, inspect your problem, evaluate the solution and provide you with a fair estimate. If you feel okay with the estimated price and allow us to work on the same day, we give an accountable discount on your quoted price.

Air conditioning services

We believe in quality work and affordability. Different problems require different solutions and our air conditioning repair technicians are ready for any challenge. We provide the following air conditioning services-

1- Complete A/C service

2-Thermostat replacement

3-Checking refrigerant level and flow.

4-Cleaning and replacing clogged filters.

5-Cleaning /replacing clogged coils

6-Repair/replace fan motors or condenser fans

7-Repairing leaks

8-Repairing electrical wiring and control

9-Replacing air conditioner

10-Repairing air purifier

Air conditioning servicing

 People don’t schedule for an air conditioning service until and unless they are facing a big problem which is wrong. Once you have a commercial cooling system, it’s crucial to take its best possible care. We provide the best air conditioning service so that you can enjoy the excellent performance of your A/C.

We make sure that nothing compromises the efficiency of your A/C. With seasonal maintenance, our Air conditioning Repair technician protects and guards all the costly repairs, poor air quality, moisture content, and other issues.

Repairing an  Air conditioner is not an easy task. It requires skills and practical knowledge. Trusting anyone with your A/C is not a wise decision. We are a licensed and trusted authority and works for your comfort. Call us today and schedule your Air conditioning service.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist-

There are few things that you can do to ensure that your A/C keeps running efficiently.

Below are few tips for maintaining your Air conditioner-

1- Remove dirt and debris near your AC.

2-change air filters annually.

3- Make sure to recharge refrigerant

4-Check for loose connections.

5- If possible, lubricate motors and bearings

These tips can save your A/C from developing bigger problems. Basic maintenance is important just like your skincare routine.

If still, your A/C isn’t working properly, just call us and tune up for an air conditioning repair service.


Frequently Asked questions

1-When should I call for an Air conditioning repair service?

Ans- If you notice any of the following sign, you need an air conditioning repair-

  • warm air-If you feel warm air, check if the thermostat is switched to cooling mode or not. If still, you feel the same, schedule an appointment with A/C repairing contractor.
  • Insufficient airflow-Insufficient or poor airflow is an indicator that your A/C isn’t working with maximum efficiency. It can be due to a clogged filter or a blockage.
  • High Humidity-If your Air conditioner is unable to level the moisture content, you surely need an air conditioner repair.
  • Water leaks-If you notice a pool of water near your cooling system, don’t hesitate to call the air conditioning service.

2-How often should Air conditioners be serviced?

Ans- According to experts, servicing your A/C once a year is mandatory for efficient working.

3-How much an annual A/C service/repair can cost?

ANS-Regular air conditioner service can cost you$50 to $200.Other repairs can go upto$300.


Comprehensive, professional and honest is the best way to describe this company!  Heating Cooling Virginia were assigned to us by our home warranty to access an issue with our HVAC system. On the day of our appointment, they called ahead to notify us that they were on the way and arrived between the allotted hours provided by the warranty company. These guys were extremely knowledgeable and explained the issue to my husband in detail. They even had my husband come to the unit and showed him the cause of the issue. Our unit had a clogged drain line that was not allowing the water to drain properly from the unit.

After diagnosing the problem, they informed us that the unit needed to be cleaned. The cleaning service was not covered by our home warranty and there would be an additional charge. Since we were referred by our home warranty company, they did apply a discounted rate to the price.  Understanding our warranty only covers replacement parts, we appreciated the discount and their fair pricing. Within an hour, they completed the full cleaning of the unit which included evaporator coils and the drain line.  

When the service was completed, we provided an electronic receipt that detailed the work completed, recommended additional services needed, and a limited warranty. I would highly recommend this company! Thank you for an excellent experience! – Crystal S.

I Requested a quote 
 for heating duct work on 2/22.  These guys replied back in a short time.  We set the day and time for a home visit.  He and his helper arrived on time the day scheduled.  They surveyed the area to determine what what was  needed to solve my problem.   I  accepted his reasonable estimate and set the date and time to do the work.   He and his helper arrived on time, made contact with me and went right to work on the project.  The two men  man together completed the job and in a reasonable amount of time I had heat flowing.  I haven’t dealt with this company before, but decided to give him a try.  The two did a great job, was professional courteious and cleaned up afterwards.  I am glad I called  him.  I will call him for all my future projects.  He told me if my job needed,  wasn’t in his expertise,  he will refer a reptible business to me.  That I like, referrals.  Thanks to them the Wife and I are comfortable now.  I defiantly recommend Heating Cooling Virginia For, A.C. and any home repairs . – Joseph H

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